Question 1
How to Reset ChowBELL to default setting?
Answer 1
  • Delete the ChowBELL on the Chow! App by long press the ChowBELL icon and confirm
  • Press Reset button at the back of the ChowBELL for 5 seconds to reset ChowBELL to default setting.
  • Please refer to Page7 Connect ChowBELL to Chow! App to reconnect the ChowBELL

Question 2
GW-AP of the ChowBELL can’t be found.
Answer 2
Make sure you turn on your smart phone’s Wi-Fi.
Make sure ChowBELL has been set to factory default
If ChowBELL is connected to the LAN wire, the AP mode will turn off automatically.

Question 3
Change ChowBELL’s Wi-Fi network
Answer 3
ChowBELL control page → Settings → Device Information → Wi-Fi Setting → choose available Wi-Fi SSID → Entering Wi-Fi security password → Set

Question 4
Unable to received notification from my ChowBELL
Answer 4
Go the setting page of the Chow! App
Turn on the switch of notification to receive the notifications